Festas de São Bartolomeu 2015

The conquest of ceuta

audiovisual drones photography



The celebration of St. Bartholomew da Foz do Douro make up one of the biggest events Foz which takes place every year and it is special because of the existence of his already centennial parade of Paper Costumes.
This year it was attended by two special members including the President of the Union of Parishes of Aldoar, Foz and Nevogilde and the Mayor of Porto - Nuno Ortigão and Rui Moreira, respectively.

Our role was to follow closely any development of the making of and capture the very day of the parade. Specifically we did all the photographic coverage and video coverage (normal and aerial). Apart from that, we still covered the handicraft fair and concerts that took place in St. John's Fort.

Our drone flew through the gray skies of Foz but, at the same time, a colorful day because of the dyed sea left by garments.

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